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Peter Morrissey Youthreach

Peter Morrissey, pictured above, participating in the Youthreach Cappawhite Canoeing Skills Programme.

This program was created by Tipperary ETB, Tipperary Sports Partnership, Pure Adventure Ltd., and Youthreach Cappawhite. The program involved the delivery of a QQI Level 4 Component in Canoeing Skills, a Level Two Kayaking Skills Cert and a River Safety and Rescue 1 Certificate from Canoe Ireland. The program had a total of twelve participants from the Cappawhite Youthreach Centre.

“I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I toppled over two times at the start and I freaked out. It was a shock to fall over. It made me very nervous. You need to teach yourself to relax and not to panic. By the end, I was confident going under the water. If I can pull out of my kayak under water, I can pull out of anything. Most of the time panic is all in my head but out there, it is real. Kayaking can help with anything; keep you fit and healthy, clear your head, handle anxiety. You feel like a new man after ten kilometres in a kayak.” - Richie Nolan, Youthreach Participant