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ESF Programmes 2000-2006

Employment and Human Resource Development OP-Overview

The Employment & Human Resources Development Operational Programme (EHRDOP) 2000-2006 was a €15 Billion plan that addressed Ireland's labour market and human capital development needs for the period 2000-2006. It  set out the broad Financial Management arrangements for the programme, which was one of six that collectively made up the National Development Plan (NDP).

The EHRDOP set out the essential context, rationale and strategic objectives and measures to be implemented as well as its broad financing and management arrangements. The full text of the EHRDOP can be viewed and downloaded below, along with the text of a European Commission decision of 2004 and 2005 which gave effect to certain changes to the Programme.

The Programme comprised of 52 measures and sub-measures, each of which related to an area of distinct activity that contributed to the Programme's overall objectives. More detailed information on the particular features of each measure and sub-measure of the Programme are set out in the Programme Complements.

Monitoring Committee

Policy decisions regarding the EHRDOP was made by the EHRDOP Monitoring Committee . This committee comprises representatives of the EHRDOP Managing Authority, the Implementing Departments and Agencies, the ESF Paying Authority, other relevant Departments and Agencies, the European Commission, the Social Partners and Regional Representatives.