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ESF Programmes 2000-2006

Border, Midlands & Western Regional OP

The Border, Midland and Western (BMW) Operational Programme is a multi-sectoral programme covering a wide range of initiatives throughout the BMW region.

The Programme comprised of four separate sub-programmes (Priorities), one of which was the Social Inclusion and Childcare sub-programme. The ESF supported this sub-programme by co-funding certain activities within its Childcare measure. The Support for Staffing Costs sub-measure was aimed at improving the quality of childcare provision in disadvantaged areas by assisting community-based projects to fund the salary costs of qualified childcare workers. The Childcare Quality Improvement Programme sub-measure was designed to support improvements in the quality of childcare service provision generally through the training and education of childcare workers and the establishment of support networks for childcare providers.

The BMW Operational Programme was managed by the BMW Regional Assembly which comprised of 29 elected members from the constituent local authorities within the region. More information on the work of the BMW Assembly is available below.

Visit the Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly website at: